Tree Felling and Removals - PTS Trees
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Tree Felling and Removals

Tree Felling and Removals

Safe, Affordable, Ethical

Professional Tree Solutions are your trusted tree removal experts. Get assured advice in confidence to help you make the right decisions.

Is tree removal harmful?

Removing trees is not always bad as it can help to provide a better ecosystem for remaining trees, removing dead or diseased trees can help to preserve others from falling debris and/or diseases that they may be vulnerable to. Selective removal can also help to give more light to more important trees that may live in suppression.

Choose your contractor wisely

The removal of trees can be a dangerous task and therefore it is important to pick your contractor carefully. We have many years’ experience with removals and use a multitude of different techniques to suit each site and/or removal. We strive to make sure all your surrounding property and land is kept safe during removals, and leave your property only after a thorough clean up has been carried out.

Our tree removal service only includes removing to ground level (just above) for full removal of stump please see our ‘Stump Grinding’ page.

Do you have a tree that you are concerned about? Speak to one of our experts today for advice