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What is classified as a dangerous tree?

We classify a dangerous tree as one that has suddenly lost its ability to support itself or is rapidly declining to a point where it could potentially harm people or property. While it is important to remember that ‘there is no such thing as a safe tree’, it is also important to remember that there are imminent dangers that some trees pose and it is important to identify these problems.

A tree of any size can pose a threat to property or persons. Common dangerous tree situations we can help with include:

  • A tree that has overgrown its location

Trees inevitably overgrow their original location, with some species such as Ash, Oak and Beech growing well over 30 meters tall. This can become a safety hazard or maybe simply unwanted.

  • A tree that is dying

Trees can die for many reasons, from adverse environments to old age. And when this does happen, it is important to remove the dead or dying tree before it has the chance to damage anything surrounding it. Trees can also die from harmful insects and disease, making the careful removal of the tree best left to professional tree surgeons like us to limit the contamination and spread to other forestry and foliage.

  • Started to drop debris

Large branches can be dangerous when weak or hanging off from any height as they can cause serious damage to a person or structure when falling. Unknown berries from some species of tree are poisonous to local wildlife and pets, making it best to consult us on the types of trees you may have and the next stages of care to take.

  • A fallen tree

Strong wet and windy weather can help any age and state of tree fall over. This has been known to cause serious damages to roofs, windows and walls of buildings, as well as possibly obstructing roads or entryways. Usually, a tree can be professionally cut up and repurposed either by us or yourself.

  • The tree has lost its structural integrity

Trees can slowly grow to support themselves on surrounding structures such as walls, fences and gates. However, this can be a cause for concern and costly to repair if not resolved. The upheaval of the ground around the base of the tree and exposing roots can also become a safety hazard.

Removing a tree can also benefit the foliage surrounding it by reducing crowding, preventing disease and bettering the local ecosystem.


How Professional Tree Solutions can help

If you are unsure what to do about a tree in your property, PTS offers a speedy service getting a highly qualified tree surgeon out to you to assess your situation and advise on next steps. Not all trees may need removal and may simply require thinning or treating. In the case of removing a dead tree, we pride ourselves in our professional procedure. As well as high-quality service and results, we work to fully compliant safety practices keeping our hard-working tree surgeons and yourselves safe. We also make sure your property is left in a safe state and that thorough cleaning of the area has been done with minimal disturbance to any surrounding property and foliage.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us to arrange an assessment by one of our tree surgeons or to simply ask about any tree on your property.

Contact us if you are worried about a potentially dying, dead or dangerous tree

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