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What is classified as a dangerous tree?

We classify a dangerous tree as one that has suddenly lost its ability to support itself or is rapidly declining to a point where it could potentially harm people or property. While it is important to remember that ‘there is no such thing as a safe tree’, it is also important to remember that there are imminent dangers that some trees pose and it is important to identify these problems.

Common problems could be:

  • Tree is totally supported by another tree or building.


  • The tree is in rapid decline or has already died therefore will quickly start to loose structural integrity.


  • Branches have torn and/or have fully detached from the tree itself and may be hanging in the crown.


  • Large pieces of deadwood that may fall at any time.
  • Movement of the root ball in the ground (ground may start to rise on side of the base of the tree) indicating a loss of structural integrity in the roots and/or ground.


  • Cavities or rot pockets in structurally dependant parts of the tree if these are spotted it is important to have these checked out to see the extent of the rot. Just because there is a cavity does not mean certain danger. The size of the cavity in relation to the size of the tree is a factor in assessing these sorts of wounds


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