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It is important to remember each species of tree reacts differently to certain methods of pruning small or large trees.
It’s our job to let you know when its best and what is best when it comes to reducing your trees crown.

What is a crown reduction?

A crown reduction is a process in which the height and width of the tree are reduced to make the overall crown of the tree smaller. 

This is done making precise cuts to ensure the tree keeps its natural shape on a smaller scale while also making sure that growth point are left at the cutting point to retain life and therefore a natural regeneration of the crown, which should grow to interpret the original shape but on a smaller scale.

The reason we do this is to reduce mechanical stress on each branch. Mechanical stress can be interpreted as leverage caused by the growth and therefore weight on the end of each branch, this is obviously reduced when the crown is. Crown reduction is also completed to reduce the overall size and growth of a tree and put it back into the land owners control.

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